Aras Confectionery company was established in İstanbul, 1970. The product range of the company was plastic gift boxes and toys. The company acquired ARAS CONFECTIONERY in 2000 and started to produce candies with toys.
Aras Confectionery Ind. produces candies with toys, surprise eggs, cocolin dragee and candy dragee in 11.000 square metres area. It is always open to improvement and developments in local and international market.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificates were granted In 2010.
The aim of the company is to serve best quality products to customers by manufacturing in hygienic conditions and utilizing modern technology.
ARAS CONFECTIONERY is based on Quality and Food Safety rules and it aims to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.


Vision & Mission


The company is open to innovations and gives big importance to customer satisfaction hence, producing in high level working standards; the company’s vision is based on the best quality standards together with research and development .


As international food production company, We serve our qualified products to customers with quick response to their needs by high technological machines. ARAS CONFECTIONERY is open to improvement and developments.


Quality Policy

ARAS CONFECTIONERY is based on legal necessity for the process from buyying raw material to shipping final product, to satisfy the needs and expecatitons of customers .
The company produces all the products with food Safety Management System and Hygienic measurements, and also with high production rate and efficiency.

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